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Installation of general commercial air source hot water heat pump unit

Guangdong Power World air energy heat pump installation technical requirements and matters needing attention:

Pipeline requirements:

When multiple units are used in parallel, in order to better balance the water resistance and distribute the water evenly, the same process pipe design should be used.

Sanitary appliances:

The maximum working pressure of the water supply fittings of sanitary appliances should not be greater than 0.6MPa, the optimum water pressure for sanitary appliances should be 0.2-0.3MPa, and the inlet water pressure of the household entry pipes of the top-floor residences in each zone should not be less than 0.1MPa. For household pipes or horizontal water distribution pipes with water pressure greater than 0.35MPa, decompression or pressure regulation measures should be added, such as orifice plate, pressure reducing valve, regulating valve, choke plug, reducing pipe diameter, adopting pressure reducing orifice To avoid inconvenience caused by high or low water pressure.

Up and down the water system

Heating system description: The water pump circulates the water in the water tank through the casing heat exchanger in the unit, the water temperature in the water tank rises to 55℃, the unit stops, and when the water level in the water tank drops to the lower limit due to water use, the water replenishment solenoid valve is turned on to replenish the water. , when the water level reaches the upper limit water level, the water replenishment solenoid valve is closed. When the mixed water temperature of cold water and hot water in the water tank drops to 52°C (the temperature can be set), the unit starts to heat.

Description of water system: the water at the point of use is pressed out by its own weight, the external circulation pump must be installed at the lowest position of the system, and its lift only needs to overcome the pipeline resistance of the most unfavorable loop of the system.

Common scope of use: The floor must have a place to place equipment and be able to bear weight.

The water system goes down and up:

Description of water system: The water at the water point is pressed out by the water pump. The pump head of this system must overcome the water supply height of the system and the pipeline resistance of the most unfavorable loop, so the power consumption is large and the water consumption is unstable.

Common scope of use: There is no place to place equipment on the floor, or it cannot bear weight.

The above are the technical requirements and precautions for the installation of Guangdong Power World air energy heat pump, I hope to be helpful to everyone.

Guangdong Power World Energy-saving Equipment Co., Ltd. has rich experience in heat pump production. Through continuous technological innovation, it has developed new energy-saving heat pump equipment such as air source heat pump and three-in-one constant temperature and dehumidification, and has obtained a number of design patents. good grades. In 2019, Guangdong Power World Energy-saving Equipment Co., Ltd. moved to a new plant, covering an area of ​​about 9,000 square meters. It is an independent park and has a complete set of heat pump production lines. The workshops are all designed in accordance with relevant industry standards, and a comprehensive heat pump laboratory has been established for the research and development of heat pumps. And production provides a strong guarantee. Our company will, as always, strive to provide customers with better products and services.

Main products: air source heat pump equipment such as refrigerators, constant temperature heat pumps, hot water heat pumps, hot spring heat pumps, and three-in-one constant temperature dehumidification heat pumps.

Application fields of Guangdong Power World air energy commercial heat pump: suitable for various types of commercial swimming pools, private swimming pools, schools, hotels, factories, dormitories, bathing centers, aquaculture and air conditioning and other places that require hot water, heating, constant temperature, dehumidification, refrigeration and other fields .


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